Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspirational Sundays CUC 11/21/10

When was the last time that you produced a layout using your color wheel? Today we are going to do a little exploring. Here is my color wheel with many extended colors available to me.

Next I choose my main color that I am wishing to work with.

Look at how many additional colors will match my Navy picture selection.

My layout today is of a trip to a printing press museum in Palmyra, New York back in 2001. I decided to imitate the books on the shelf, so using all of my colors I cut strips of cardstock to make my shelf.

Me always having too many pictures that I don't want to leave out, I had to do a two page layout. I didn't want to distract from my cute little book shelf so I opted to go simple on the rest of the embellishments.

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