Sunday, August 19, 2012

South Jordan Carnival

                                      Our city does a very fun carnival every year.  It is fun to take the grandkids for                                        a night of rides and excitement!
                                       Brennan loves the dizzy rides.  Look how happy he is.
                                         Crew's first carnival was observed from the stoller.
                                         Kalli chose to ride the pirate ships.
                                         This lil guy is so adorable!
                                  Brennan wasn't so happy when they added a passenger to the rocketship he picked.
                                         Kalli wanted to ride the "Ferris go Round" but would only do it with her Dad. :)
                                         A happy trooper!
                                         Ah look what Crew likes...
                                         The Clarke Family
                                         The best Grandpa and Grandma ever.  LOL
                                          Jenn and Crew
                                         What is a carnival without treats.
                                        Looks like a fun day, then we went for Pizza and watched the fireworks!!

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