Sunday, June 7, 2009

Missing Mom

It is hard to believe that mom has been gone for a year already. Making it through the first year has been especially hard for our dad. He misses her so much. It is easy to treasure the moments that we had with her. She shared so much with us each time we visited. We have had so many wonderful thoughts and experiences that it truly feels like she is still with us. I feel her presence near me often and thank Heavenly Father for that blessing in my life. I have enjoyed the moments at the cemetary and the strong impressions that I feel when I think about her. You can't imagine how many times I think, oh I'll just give mom a call or hey I need mom to help me with this, or I wonder what mom thinks about that. If I need an answer to something, I think of mom. She was such a great person as well as a terrific mom and had her childrens interests close to her heart. She taught us so much and knew so much about all the things we needed to know and do. Her testimony was incredible. She had such a good life. She was a great example of what a mother truly is.

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