Sunday, February 1, 2009

Did January really fly by already?

I cannot believe I only posted once in the whole month of January. I guess it was crazier than I thought. With getting to know what a Relief Society President does to going on a warm vacation in the middle of winter to drama on vacation to my life... Well, we did get to Bermuda and had a great time. It is a nice place with very polite people everywhere you go. It was interesting in St. Georges to learn the history of the island as we took a walking tour. It was fun to have Sheri (my sister) with us. She took lots of photos of Tom and I together (something we don't get much of because I am always behind the camera). We toured a perfume factory and bought some beautiful perfume called coral, made right there in Bermuda. We rode the big pink bus all around, took a ferry and went through a war museum. We went to a lighthouse but was disappointed that it was closed for construction. Still got some great photos. The day before we were to leave Tom was able to get in on a diving trip. He hooked up with a diving club. He has done over thirty dives so this was in no means an inexperienced dive. However, on the first dive he went through the air in his tank quite fast. (an after fact note since his white blood count was high, we are wondering if he had an upper resperatory infection and didn't know it) But on his second dive, he was down 45-60 feet and felt like he couldn't breathe. When the dive master signaled are you o.k.? he said no. Then his regulator popped out. The dive master put it back in and got him up to the surface fast. He doesn't even remember getting into the boat, but the dive guy told me that once on the boat he was confused, then he went limp and was unconscious, they could not find a pulse so they administered CPR. They had thought he had a heart attack. Everything went in DH favor. There was a police officer on the boat as well as all the other experienced people. The dive company knew a doctor. They called him at his home and he was off duty so he met them at the dock they had the ambulance come to. He accessed him before they took him to the hospital. So when they got to the hospital they had an accurate assessment and they could run the tests quicker. The ER told us that if they were just guessing than it would of taken longer. All of his heart tests came back just fine. But he had swallowed some salt water hence causing pneumonia and because it was a salt water dive and not a fresh water dive it was worse. The salt eats at the tissues in your insides. They pumped him full of antibiotics at high doses. Left him on oxygen all night till his levels were 100%. The doctor that released him said that as quickly as everything came into play helped him tremendously with the recovery. And he was amazed that things went so smoothly. He was diving at 1:17 and it was just 2:10 when the boat pulled up to the dock without him. I was surprised to see him not on the boat. The dive co. owner came off the boat and explained everything to me. They had taken him to the nearest dock and met the ambulance. He had been taken to the hospital. Sheri and I got a taxi and went to the ER to see how he was. He is still on antibiotics, needs to follow up with his doctor here at home. His chest is really sore and hurts worse when he sneezes or coughs. But he is back to work and we are home after an extended stay. They would not let him fly for 48 hours after the near drowning. That was the final diagnosis. If he had nitrogen in his blood and we went on the plane it would have been dangerous. He could of died on the plane. We got home late Wednesday night. He is still really sore and tired, more from the CPR on his chest than anything.

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Jan said...

That was no vacation - that was a adventure! So glad it had a happy ending!